Monsoon Eclectic Modern Indian

Brace yourself for the spicy Gost Vindaloo at Monsoon Eclectic Modern Indian in Hampton.

Anne Leonard

After a stop at a friend’s house in Hampton, the better half and I were looking to do some food exploring since the area is practically uncharted territory for us. We stumbled upon Monsoon—a modern take on Indian cuisine—to warm us up after the brisk afternoon.

I was in high school when I first began my love affair with Indian food. A good friend of mine invited me out to eat with her family. Too much deciphering and back and forth over the menu, checking between the descriptions and the mini dictionary led me to hand over the ordering reigns. “Hmm, let’s see....we’ll have the saag (a spinach dish), chicken tikka masala (a creamy, spicy red dish), naan (fluffy flatbread) and definitely some raita (a yogurt dipping sauce),” she said. As I’ve been exploring the world that is Indian food, I’m falling deeper in love with its complexity of spices and mastering the words that were once gibberish to me.

Since our go-to Indian beer, Taj Mahal, was sold out, we took up our waiter on his recommendation: Flying Horse Lager. It was a refreshingly crisp, light lager and especially helpful for the heat to come.

Monsoon Eclectic Indian Flying Horse Beer

We began our meal with Veggie Twist Rolls, naan stuffed with paneer—which is a firm cheese—red peppers, red onions and cilantro served with their raita sauce. They were flavorful, lightly seasoned, little bites of wonderful and were especially enhanced by dunking them into the raita sauce.

Veggie Twist Rolls from Monsoon Eclectic Indian

For our entrée, we ordered the Gost Vindaloo lamb with their highest degree of heat—Indian Hot—which my husband so kindly added for the both of us. The tangy, ginger curry sauce enveloping the lamb vindaloo appeared fire engine red, fuming with whatever concoction of peppers due to the added bonus my husband induced. Fearful, I knew side orders of garlicky naan and raita would have my back. “When in distress, dunk in raita,” is my go-to mantra when eating Indian food.

Gost Vindaloo from Monsoon Eclectic Indian

Raita, naan and the always-accompanying basmati rice worked together harmoniously, all on the same team cheering me on to finish my helping of vindaloo without tears. After sharing everything from the twist rolls to the naan and vindaloo, we were pleasantly stuffed—as always when eating Indian food. Though my eyes were certainly watery, the drive out to Hampton is worth it for more of that painfully blissful vindaloo.

Basmati rice, naan and gost vindaloo from Monsoon Hampton

Monsoon is open for lunch and dinner during varied hours throughout the week, so visit their website or Facebook page for more information.