Le Yaca's 4-Course Brunch

Celery root soup, La Soupe du Jour from Le Yaca

Anne Leonard

I never dreamt I'd eat a chocolate croissant next to soup, but Williamsburg’s Le Yaca made that dream possible. After a weekend of hiking and camping along Humpback Rocks just off of the Appalachian Trail, the husband and I stopped to grab a 4-course French brunch on the way back to Virginia Beach. The perk about having my husband as an eating adventure companion is that there’s no judgment should I pick at his plate once, twice or five times. In this case, it was more often five.

The sun decided to present itself plentiful so we sat outside at one of their white-clothed tables. We were almost overwhelmed by the menu, drooling over every item. Once we told our server we’d be going the 4-course route, out came the bread basket, and the rest they say is history. Not only did the basket present a pillowy-centered warm and crunchy French baguette, but there were the most poised chocolate croissants I’d ever laid eyes on. Perfectly round, just a smidge of chocolate revealed from its spongy spiral.

“I’ll save this [chocolate croissant] for dessert,” the husband said. A moment later, I peered over to his plate only to find flakes, remnants of a croissant hastily eaten. Dessert before dinner—or in this case, brunch—is always the best idea.

Now, onto our extravagant brunch.


Course 1: Drinks, of course.

Mimosa and Bloody Mary from Le Yaca Brunch

I went for a bubbly Champagne Mimosa, and my husband went the Bloody Mary route.


Course 2: Appetizer soups

Le Yaca French Onion Soup, La Soupe a l'oignon

His La Soupe a l'oignon, or puréed French onion soup, was earthy and full-flavored, but my order of La Soupe du Jour, or soup of the day, was our favorite out of the two. The celery root soup was gritty, yet wonderfully creamy. Chopped pieces of bacon were scattered over top with soft croutons and a rainbow of microgreens. Perhaps the tastiest aspect was a generous drizzle of aromatic truffle oil making for a balanced and lively approach to celery root soup.

Le Yaca Celery Root Soup

While awaiting our entrées, we further munched from the bread basket leaving no stone unturned to finish every last drop of our soups.

Course 3: Entrée

Le Yaca Le Homard brunch lobster

I ordered Le Homard, an olive oil-poached Maine lobster tail served with a salad and crispy potatoes. The chewy, hearty lobster tail spread out over a bed of crispy, caramelized, bite-sized potato slices. Drizzled over the dish was shaved truffle vinaigrette. I could have easily been content with a ramekin of that heavenly vinaigrette and their French baguette and called it a day! Too enamored with my dish, I was able to snag a taste of his Le Boeuf—tender beef tenderloin cooked to a perfect medium rare over spinach and crispy potatoes all enveloped in a rich demi-glace.

Le Yaca Le Boeuf brunch

Course 4: Dessert

Le Yaca La Marquise

Oh goodness, dessert, my heart. I almost contemplated ordering every dessert item, but I stuck to the one: La Marquise au Chocolat, or a piece of chilled, chocolate, fudgy, truffle cake goodness. The cake was served with a homemade salted caramel-like wafer that tasted like toffee and a sort of custardy vanilla bean “shot”—their Creme Anglaise sauce. He chose the Crème Brûlée à la Vanille, luscious and rich with vanilla bean specks freckling the bottom of the dish.

Le Yaca Creme Brulee

Le Yaca is open during varied hours, so visit their website or Facebook page for more information including their menus. 

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