Cider Week Virginia

Cider Week Virginia Coastal Virginia Magazine

Like you need an excuse to celebrate Virginia cider: Nov. 14–23 is officially Cider Week Virginia, a time to explore this time-honored imbibe through a myriad of events, including festivals, food and cider pairing dinners and cider tastings.

To begin the celebration, here are some interesting tidbits about cider.

  • Cider is fermented apple juice; in the United States it is often called hard cider to distinguish it against unfiltered, non-fermented apple juice that is sometimes called simply cider.
  • Cider is more akin to wine than beer. Like wine is fermented grape juice, cider is fermented apple juice. Beer is made from grains and is brewed.
  • Like wine, there are various expressions of cider that come from the apple/apples used and from the touch of the cidermaker. These range from dry to sweet and from still to bubbly, making cider a great pairing with many foods as well as enjoyed on its own.
  • Cider contains at least .5 percent and less than 7 percent alcohol by volume.


Craft cider and food

According to the folks at, here are some tips for pairing cider and food:

  • Pair dry and robust cider with meat dishes.
  • Fruity cider goes well with spicy dishes, like Thai or barbecue with vinegar-based sauces.
  • Crisp ciders go great with rich, buttery dishes.
  • Pair dessert ciders with fruity desserts and intensely-flavored cheeses.

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