Le Mu Eats

After one evening at Le Mu Eats, you can boast about getting your veggies via dessert.

Every Sunday, Thai spot Gah Bua Kham closes its doors to become Le Mu Eats. Popping up since March 22 of this year, Hampton became home to this innovative spot fusing Laotian and American cuisine.

757 native Chef Sayvepen ‘Sav’ Sengsavang wanted to create a menu that spoke of his background integrating his diverse upbringing and culture into one divine menu.

Chef Sav’s parents immigrated to the U.S. from Laos during the Vietnam War, his wife Elise told us. Sav was born in New York but grew up in Hampton and Newport News. After he attended the Culinary Institute of Virginia the concept of Le Mu Eats began to kindle. Le Mu translates to ‘The Pig’, an endearing nickname given to him by his family.

The husband and I were on our way back from a weekend in Charlottesville and Richmond and decided to pop in to this new spot. We put in an order for two Thai iced teas before we picked up our forks.

le mu thai iced tea

We kicked off dinner with a Noi Kow/Appetizer/Aperitif. The Tuna Tartare ($7) was calling our names. Or maybe we just both love raw tuna. The tartare was served as a stack of fresh tuna mixed with roasted rice. A halo of cilantro oil added a nice spicy kick. Crunchy pickled jalapeños topped it all off as a couple handmade toasty, but chewy beet chips rested beside.

le mu tuna tartare

le mu tuna tartare

Next up was our Gin Kow/The Food/the Entrée. Since I looked ahead—as any dessert lover does—to the sweet finale, we decided to share the Soba Bowl ($12). Sautéed watercress and bok choy spread across the perfectly chewy soba noodles. A soft-boiled egg rested on top as I interchanged my bites with the roasted sweet potato cubes, pickled beets and chickpeas. But what truly brought the dish together was the chili sesame orange dressing. It was bright, a little spicy, extra juicy and complemented each component of the bowl.

le mu eats soba bowl le mu eats soba bowl

Once Vaughn/Sweet/Sucré or dessert came around, I had to be that gal. My heart was set on the Grilled Corn Custard Pie ($6), but I also wanted the cobbler without the cobbler—just a single scoop of the Lavender Gelato that was supposed to accompany it.

The custard was indescribable, folded with coconut and smoky bits of sweet corn allowing the most heavenly flavor marriage for my palate. Bound by hand-rolled, flaky pie crust finished off with toasted coconut whip, it’s a dessert that can only be described as what dreams are made of.

le mu eats grilled corn custard pie le mu grilled corn custard pie

The Lavender Gelato was as expected and more. It was silky, creamy and dense with the wonderful distinctive lavender aroma and those lovely purple-hued flecks bouncing around the scoop.

le mu lavender gelato

Each dish was genuinely a work of art, a rainbow color palette that spoke of fresh, handpicked ingredients and a well-attended plate. I’m excited to see Le Mu Eats flourish and hopefully open up their own permanent location in the near future. 

le mu eats menu hampton

Le Mu Eats pops up every Sunday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. They are located at 2270 Executive Drive in Hampton.

le mu eats hampton

For the latest updates to their menu follow them on Facebook.

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