9th Annual Spring Town Point Virginia Wine Festival

Norfolk was showing off this past weekend. The birds were chirping, the sun glistened off of the breezy Elizabeth River harbor, and it was the quintessential day for the 9th Annual Spring Town Point Virginia Wine Festival.

Over 20 Virginia wineries were in attendance pouring over 200 of their best vino. Perhaps the second best thing to attending a wine festival—other than discovering new wine—is lounging out on the lawn to live music with a picnic and the pals to accompany. A group of friends and I surprised a gal pal for her birthday, so we were of course in high spirits for a date with wine tasting.

town point virginia wine festival norfolk

First up was Burnley Vineyards where we tasted a fun variety of wines from their Peach Fuzz to a wine that can only be summed up as the flavor of Christmas. Their Dog Gone Red was for those who claim they don’t like red wine, and Spicy Rivanna was heavy on the cinnamon, a wine I’ll keep in mind for mulled wine season.

town point virginia wine festival burnley vineyards

While we tasted from a handful of other wineries including Old House Vineyards and Barboursville Vineyards, I couldn’t leave without wetting my whistle with local vino.

Eastern Shore’s Chatham Vineyards didn’t disappoint. Their rosé’s aroma is of fresh-cut strawberries; this will certainly go hand in hand with the basketfuls of the beauties from the Annual Pungo Strawberry Festival at the end of this month. Though I often overlook rosés, it was the perfect refreshing sipper for our picnic beneath the near-80 degree sun, so I of course I grabbed a bottle to pour among the group.

chatham vineyards church creek rose

Next we moseyed over to Norfolk's Mermaid Winery where we tasted their Chardonnay, Siren’s White, Poseidon’s Red and East Beach Peach. Poseidon’s Red was a favorite among the four; it’s a bold, lovely and full-flavored blend of Tannat, Syrah and Pinotage.

mermaid winery norfolk town point virginia wine festival

Williamsburg Winery poured a handful of their classics as well as wines new to me. Their dessert wine, Vin Licoreux De Mures, smelled exactly like melting chocolate, but the flavor was a mouthful of raspberries. Decadent and rich, this dessert wine would pair with any sweet treat, but I’d go for a chocolate souffle.

town point virginia wine festival williamsburg winery

After tasting we trekked back to our mini island of blankets and munched on crackers and brie while live tunes echoed throughout the Norfolk Harbor. ‘Twas a flawless afternoon in Coastal Virginia.

town point virginia wine festival norfolk

town point virginia wine festival norfolk waterfront

town point virginia wine festival norfolk

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