The Best Thing I Drank This Week: Fruitive's Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie

The humming of the ultra powerful blenders work their magic. It was an overcast morning, but Fruitive’s colorful, plant-based, organic creations said otherwise. I’ve been a Fruitive lover for a while now. I first tried the Tropical Acai bowl, one of their SuperBerry Bowls with a fruit smoothie base topped with granola and beautiful, fresh fruit. Next, I ventured into their smoothies, or liquid meals. As a gal who likes to be balanced, I try to add greens every chance I get. Thus, I kept coming back to their Peaches & Greens—a blend of orange juice, spinach, almond milk, peach and banana. But, eventually there comes a time to mix things up.

My mother visited this past weekend, and like any awesome Filipino mother, she stopped by an Asian bakery to pick up fresh-baked sweet breads, turón—a sort of dessert version of lumpia with banana and caramelized brown sugar—and other buttery treats. As a detox from the weekend, I decided to gently wean myself off of the sweets and scour Fruitive’s menu for a smoothie that catered to my sweet tooth while remaining healthy. The answer to my dilemma was the Chocolate Covered Cherry. The chipper cashier gal reassured me that despite the ‘chocolate’ label, this smoothie has much less sugar compared to the other smoothies they offer. I was won over. 

Fruitive Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie Virginia BeachThe deep burgundy smoothie was beyond rich and sweet and barely tart than I had expected. Surprisingly, the cherries take a backseat, but there’s just enough of them to make a statement. Creamy—from their homemade almond milk—yet dense at the same time, this luscious smoothie is a sipper for sure. This chilled concoction is made with cacao powder and Dutch cocoa which add a distinctive chocolate flavor that is more bittersweet and earthy.

This 16-oz smoothie was about $10. Though it might seem like a pretty penny, I promise you this indulgent smoothie is worth the splurge. Who says healthy eating can't include chocolate?

Aside from their smoothie SuperBerry Bowls and smoothies, they offer salads, wraps, cleanses and homemade treats, like macaroons.

Fruitive is located in the Hilltop North Shopping Center off of Laskin Road in Virginia Beach and is open Monday–Saturday from from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Visit their website or Facebook page for a full menu and the latest updates.

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