Sofrito at MOCA Night

At MOCA Nights, patrons can browse art, listen to live music and sample gourmet food from some of Hampton Roads' most delicious food trucks.

Anne Leonard

What’s not to love about dinner on wheels, live music and art? Virginia’s Museum of Contemporary Art, or the MOCA, has got you covered. Every third Tuesday of each month from 5 to 9 p.m., the MOCA offers free admission along with live performances and open mic. But the best part of it all? Eat The Streets 757 rounds up a food truck brigade! Read more about ETS 757 here.

This past week the food trucks whipped up St. Patrick’s Day-inspired menus. Amid the wood-fired pizza from Bodacious, sweet treats from Twisted Sisters Cupcakes, Bro’s Fish Tacos and Malbon’s BBQ, the aroma of spice swept past me, and I was sold on Sofrito.

Sofrito is all about the Puerto Rican fare. Beans, rice and spice are their core ingredients, and I was a-okay with that. My husband and I agreed to split one of their Irish-themed paninis, Emerald Isle, and an order of their Chimichurri Mini Burritos.

Sofrito food truck

While we waited for our grub, locals moseyed in and out of the museum and some plopped down on the curb to feast on their dinner of choice. Others were signing a petition to support The HUB, Virginia’s first food truck park.

Sofrito food truck

The chimichurri burritos were fried to a lovely golden brown and were similar in size to empanadas. The tortillas were chewy with just enough crispiness to get a pleasant crunch with each bite. The chicken was well-seasoned and gushing with juices. Corn, black beans and rice stuffed the burritos, and the chimichurri vinaigrette was mildly spiced. Even though these handheld burritos were fried, they still tasted healthy and fresh.

sofrito chimichurri burritos

The Emerald Isle was served on two lightly toasted slices of French boule which were slathered with edamame cilantro pesto; the pesto alone was too heavenly for words. The chicken tasted like it was marinated in a vinegar mixture which paired all too well with the Guinness-caramelized onions and a generous helping of melted sharp cheddar cheese. More cheese was to be had in their side of mac and cheese drizzled with another helping of shredded cheese.

sofrito emerald isle

Once we inhaled our dinner we trekked through the museum’s main room surrounded by fairy-lit trees.

virginia moca night

Artsy folk noshed on their choice food while others colored on paper cutouts of skateboard decks to accompany the Ryan McGinness exhibit.

MOCA design your own deck

MOCA design your own deck

moca decked out

A small cash bar serves local beer and wine should you choose to imbibe while listening to the brave ones taking the stage for open mic. We walked through the exhibit doors donning local artists’ work as admirers oo-ed and ahh-ed at the spectacular use of color splattered on each backdrop. After ending the exhibit on a marvelous glass-blown chandelier, the sun had set, the food trucks were packing up and we were already looking forward to next month’s MOCA Night.

moca decked out

The next MOCA Night is April 21st. Visit Sofrito’s Facebook page to scout their next location.

Sofrito Rooster

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