Local Stout Roundup: Part 2

Phew! How was that first roundup of stouts? Well, while you’ve been tasting, I've been working around the clock to make my way to each local brewery or stores to locate these precious stouts to report back to you! Though I'm more likely to reach for a stout in a list of beers, now is even timelier to be a stout lover with St. Patrick's Day! Each of these brews listed below are produced year-round, but why wait any longer? Grab your corned beef and cabbage, and wash it all down with one of these local stouts.

Reaver Beach Brewing Company, Virginia Beach

Seadevil, Imperial Stout, 10% ABV

Reaver Beach Brewing Company seadevil imperial stout Reaver Beach Brewing Company Seadevil Stout

Formerly ‘Beach Brewing Company’, Reaver still pours their mighty, malty stout. The pour of this brew is almost pitch black with a bubbly khaki head and chocolate and coffee notes coming off the nose. As an imperial stout, this beer has a nice boozy and hoppy bite to it, unlike your more traditional stouts.

Smartmouth Brewing Company, Norfolk

Cow Catcher, Milk Stout, 5.5% ABV

Smartmouth Cowcatcher Stout at Taste Unlimited Smartmouth cow catcher milk stout at taste virginia beach

Though particularly smooth and creamy, much like sweet chocolate milk, there is somewhat of a dry aftertaste from this stout. It pours pitch black with a thin, caramel-colored head that doesn’t hold for long. This dark brew is toasty and mild despite its sweet nature and is overall a pleasant milk stout. I purchased this pint at Taste on Shore Drive.

St. George Brewing Company, Hampton

Russian Imperial Stout, 8.7% ABV

St George Russian Imperial Stout St George Imperial Stout Hampton

St George’s stout pours a tan, fluffy head that stands strong. It smells similar to caramel and rather sharp akin to nutty toffee. The taste is malty and slightly bitter with a decent alcoholic bite; it’s like a stout version of a nut brown ale. I purchased this bottle at their brewery in Hampton.

Young Veterans Brewing Company, Virginia Beach

Night Vision, American Stout, 6% ABV

Young Veterans Night Vision Stout Young Veterans stout

Their full-bodied American stout pours near pitch black with a head that dissipates quickly. It’s malty with a hint of espresso, and the mouthfeel is on the thinner side. Well-carbonated and refreshingly smooth, especially for these sunnier spring days, Young Veterans brews a solid stout.

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Young Veterans Brewing Night Vision stout virginia beach

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