Country Boy's Barbeque

Country Boy's hand pulled, vinegar-y barbecue assures they offer pure meat and leave that filler fat and gristle behind.

Anne Leonard

My, oh my, did I hit a home run at the Old Beach Farmers Market last weekend. Aside from my jackpot with the mizuna, little did I know lunch was right around the corner. As I was in my usual stroll around the market seeing the familiar farmers, vendors, coffee and dessert spots, I came across a new booth in town. I admit I’d missed the last couple market meetups during the holiday season and new year. Clearly I’d been missing out on authentic barbecue, too. Country Boy’s Barbeque is all about the, well, barbecue. Though they’ve had their Windsor location for a couple years now, they’ve been operating for nearly a decade.

“You’ll wish you’d ordered two,” the woman said. My husband and I thought a shared lunch of a single pork BBQ sandwich and a large order of clam soup from The Stockpot (more on them here) would be enough. We were hungrier than we'd thought.

Everything is made from scratch from top to bottom. Golden buns of homemade brioche hold it all together. They’re sturdy, able to carry the weight of its ultra juicy contents.

country boy's barbeque buns

Their hand pulled, vinegar-y barbecue assures they offer pure meat and leave that filler fat and gristle behind. The result is succulent, finger-lickin' goodness. Crunchy coleslaw rests atop the barbecue, then you have the option to seal the deal with their homemade sauce should you choose to douse a dose. My Kansas City-born husband gave them the stamp of approval so I knew I had my hands on the real stuff.

country boy's barbeque sauce

country boy's barbeque

For a quick lunch you’ll spend about $6 for an entrée alone or no more than $10 to add their tasty sides. At the market they also offered southern favorites like baby back ribs, chicken salad sandwiches, potato salad, mac and cheese and bread and butter pickles.

So listen to Country Boy’s and listen to me: don’t even think about sharing this barbecue from heaven, or you’ll wish you’d ordered two.

bountry boy's barbeque 

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