Young Veterans Brewing Company

Young Veterans Brewing Company

A cookie-cutter warehouse lot is home to local brewery Young Veterans Brewing Company. Though not your imagined setting for a brewery, its surroundings set the tone for this young hidden gem. Veterans themselves, owners Thomas Wilder and Neil McCanon co-founded YVBC on a simple agreement: they love beer.

The diverse taproom spans over three areas throughout the warehouse. Upon my visit with my husband, a mix of locals crowded each area. Beer drinkers were decked out in green shamrock garments, thirsty for young veterans' brews after the race earlier that morning. I was first greeted by an open lounge-type area with couches, bar stools and a quirky table with medals beneath its glass surface saluting their moniker.

The next nook transitioned to a small area housing six taps with a cozy mini bar that can literally seat a few people. But don’t stress, there’s further seating outdoors.

We picked up four out of the six beers for a sampler flight since the other two were tapped. The flight was served in a metal carrying case with etched copper labels briefly describing each beer. After leaving the nook, we walked down a narrow hallway to cross over into a garage housing the brewing equipment and other gadgets. The warehouse door was propped open, revealing sunshine and a few tables, one of which was a large spool where we sat. A blended sound of the indie band Local Natives and traffic on London Bridge Rd. collided into the quintessential Saturday, giving us a glimpse into spring.

We sampled New Recruit (a honey blonde ale), Pineapple Grenade (a hefeweizen), Night Vision (an American stout) and Big Red Rye (a rye india pale ale). They were tapped of Jet Noise (a double IPA) and Semper FI.P.A. (a citrus hopped india pale ale), both of which we hope to return and try. We carefully sipped each to savor the libations, our taste buds searching for the descriptions etched below each glass.

It was mutually agreed upon that their Pineapple Grenade craft brew allotted a perfect offering of fruity wheat. Perhaps the warmer weather affected our choice, but this twist on a hefeweizen was the medicine to our winter blues. Though each beer was distinctly different from one another, Night Vision deserves an honorable mention. This stout was exactly how it sounds: though lighter in taste than other stouts, its dark appearance speaks of its classic chocolate notes.

We departed a half hour later to finish some weekend errands. Needless to say, Saturday at YVBC left us with the sweetest tease of spring.

Check out their website or Facebook for updates, hours and special events!

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