Raw Fruit Tart with Cashew Cream

Raw Fruit Tart with Cashew Cream

I have a bit of a confession. I have a slight cashew allergy. When I say slight, I mean, once I ate a small bag of salted cashews and later got hives on my hands, but overall I was fine. This is why I didn’t think twice when I came across this cashewed-out tart. Now, I’m all for desserts with endless tablespoons of sugar and whatnot, but every now and then I like to think desserts don’t always have to have you crashing soon after. This tart is naturally sweetened by the dates as well as a few tablespoons of honey or maple syrup, so it gets the job done without putting me in a coma.

I know tarts are more of a summer dessert, but I couldn't resist the beauty of this one. The crust wasn't your average pale, crumbled, graham cracker-butter concoction. It's an eggless, butterless seedy palette of nuts and flax enveloping a fluffy cream…made out of cashews. You read it right—the traditional cream cheese filling was set aside and cashews stepped in. I had to whip it up, and wouldn't you know, it was as delightful as I imagined. The filling was both creamy and spicy rolled into one, almost reminiscent of gingerbread cookies. I didn’t have macadamia oil, so I improvised with olive oil on hand, and all was right in this already-nutty dessert. I doubled the recipe for my 11-inch pie pan and topped it all with fresh kiwi and blueberries.

The simplicity of this recipe is what initially drew me init's raw, so there's no baking and cooling of the crust needed. All I used was my food processor, my fingertips and I was set. If you want an easier way to store the tarts, I suggest making them bite sized with the help of your muffin tin.

Here's the recipe for you to save for summer, or maybe those 70-degree odd days in between the 20-degree ones that invade Coastal Virginia every so often (like I did). Either way, it is bookmark-worthy.

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