The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Seoul 757 Taco's Bibimbap

Let's be honest—I couldn't go to The HUB food truck park (learn more here) and not get my own meal on wheels.

I have an almost equal love for both Korean food and tacos, so I was excited to discover Seoul757Taco, a food truck dedicated to traditional Korean dishes with their own modern touch.

I used to be a waitress at a Korean chef-owned sushi restaurant that of course served sushi along with a few Korean dishes like bulgogi (Korean BBQ) and kimchi soup (a spicy stew of kimchi, pork and tofu), so I knew somewhat of what I was getting into. Though I was familiar with some Korean cuisine, I'd never had their staple, bibimbap, which translates to ‘mixed rice’.

Typically served hot, the makeup of the bibimbap bowl often contains beef, a fried or raw egg, rice, fresh vegetables and gochujang, the signature spicy sweet red pepper paste. Right when I was handed my lunch the sweet lady instructed: just mix it all together. So mix it I did. Seoul757Taco’s bibimbap ($11) had the tasty chopped morsels of bulgogi, bean sprouts, thinly sliced cucumber and carrot, kimchi, and of course a scoop of steamed rice. Topped with a fried egg, I felt right at home with bibimbap.

seoul 757 bibimbap

For me, the defining ingredient here was the red pepper paste. First, I tasted just a smidgen of it to register its heat—medium. But once I stirred the paste with the rest of the warm ingredients beneath the near 90-degree sun, the bowl had stepped up a spicy notch to make one wholesome, satisfying meal.

Their menu also includes tacos ($5), burritos ($9), Korean sub sandwiches ($9)—each served with a choice of bulgogi, spicy pork or spicy chicken—and cheesy nachos ($8) served with jalapenos.

I know one thing’s for certain: bibimbap is one of those meals I’ll be craving until I can get my next fix.

seoul 757 bibimbap

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seoul 757 tacos

Seoul757Tacos is just one of the food trucks that will be at our Inaugural BeerFest and Food Truck Rodeo just two weeks away! Click here to get the full list of participating food trucks and breweries.

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