Six Crazy Food Challenges in Hampton Roads

Could you imagine consuming more than 8 pounds of meat at one time? How about 12 eggs in one sitting? If you’re up to the challenge, you might want to check out these crazy food challenges that are happening right in Hampton Roads.

Think you can finish a 3 pound burrito in less than 15 minutes? If so, you should visit Alannah’s Taqueria in Chesapeake for their Macho Burrito Challenge. If it’s gone in the 15 minute time span, then Alannah’s says it’s on the house.

Alannah’s Taqueria

517 Kempsville Rd., Chesapeake, 757-436-1629

Maybe working in as a team is more your style? Well, Halo’s Hot Dogs in Chesapeake offers that option for their 7 pound hot dog challenge. Two people are allowed to team up to finish a seven pound hot dog in 45 minutes or less. If you’re up for the challenge and can complete it successfully, they’ll pay for your meal.

Halo’s Hot Dogs

517 Kempsville Rd., Suite E, Chesapeake, 757-312-9111

Deli meat sound appetizing? Then the 3Way Cafe in Downtown Norfolk is the place to go. Try The Woo Woo challenge, which consists of a 4 pound sandwich layered with 8 oz. of Thanksgiving style turkey breast, 8 oz. of country ham, 8 oz. grilled steak, 6 bacon strips, 2 pieces of Swiss cheese, 2 pieces of Gouda cheese, House dressing, lettuce, tomato slices and 1/4 pound of Hebrew National hot dog on a Sourdough loaf. If finished the sandwich is free.

3Way Cafe

216 Plume St., Norfolk, 757-625-2024

How about breakfast? Try the “KO” (Killer Omelet) Special at Charlie’s Cafe in Downtown Norfolk. The omelet consists of 12 eggs and comes with eight pancakes. If the challenge is finished in under an hour, the omelet is free, and you get a free Charlie’s Cafe T-shirt.

Charlie’s Cafe

1800 Granby St., Norfolk, 757-625-0824

For a beefy challenge try visiting The Baron’s Pub in Portsmouth for The Baronator Challenge, which involves a 7 pound hamburger and a pound of fries. This challenge has been unbeaten since 2009.

The Baron’s Pub & Restaurant

500 High St., Portsmouth, 757-399-4840

Take the Big Brother Challenge at Brother’s Pizza in Virginia Beach where a two-person team is allowed to complete the challenge of eating a 24-inch pizza. If the challenge is completed in an hour the pizza is free. If competing against another couple, the fastest pair will get a $15 gift certificate. See previous winners here!

Brother’s Pizza

 401 North Great Neck Rd., Virginia Beach, 757-340-1277


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