The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Gateaux Bakery's Framboisier

It was mid-morning, a fitting time for cake.

I’d sampled Gateaux Bakery & Cafe’s dreamy macarons at the annual Samoa Soirée earlier this year, so I was excited to delve into more of their French goodies.

The glass casing was filled to the brim with a variety of scones and fruit tarts, homemade trail mix, cannolis and almond and chocolate croissants, just to name a few. Instead of reaching for my usual almond croissant, I went for a slice of fluffy cake. Once the lady mentioned Framboisier was an almond-based cake, my mind fogged over every other dessert. I guess you could say I have a thing for almonds. 

The Framboisier—French for ‘raspberry’—cake was spongy, golden with crystallized sugar on top.

gateaux bakery framboisier

“Think of it as an ice cream sandwich,” the lady said.

Light and airy, she was right in that it was like a less dense version of an ice cream sandwich. Moist and melt-in-your-mouth—this could be dangerous. Between the cake slices were sliced almonds shielding a pillow of raspberry cream. The heavy cream filling was rich, luscious and seedy woven with raspberry bits.

gateaux bakery framboisier

While it took everything in me to not treat it like a sandwich, I remained ladylike and used the fork provided. I took a few bites as I sat in their upstairs cafe with folding tables and aprons strewn about before retreating home to save this one for later.

gateaux bakery framboisier

Since they’re known for their French macarons, I of course walked away with raspberry, lemon and lavender macarons, because how could I not?

gateaux bakery pastries

This dessert is best suited for these scorching summer days when pastries can be too heavy and ice cream melts within a moment of heat exposure. Gateaux’s Framboisier cake is the perfect solution to my summer sweet tooth.

Gateaux Bakery & Cafe is located at 1642 Pleasure House Road in Virginia Beach. They are open Tuesday–Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

gateaux bakery

Visit their website or find them on Facebook for the latest additions to their sweet menu.

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