The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Back Bay Gourmet's Brunch

At Back Bay Gourmet, Sunday brunch is done right with their Green Eggs and Ham sandwich made with a homemade sweet potato biscuit, Edwards' country ham and fried green tomato.

Anne Leonard

With fresh blackberries on my mind, the husband and I headed out to Pungo for a little Sunday day date. On our way to Henley Farms, I detoured from my usual banana ice cream cone from Handel’s and decided I needed something a little more substantial now that it was after noon. I’d only visited Back Bay Gourmet once before for a cupcake, so we dropped in for their Sunday brunch to get a real taste of their menu.

What we discovered was more than a light bite. Every Sunday, Back Bay is bustling with a hungry brunch crowd ready to meet their craving for anything from Belgian waffles, to breakfast burritos, to a turkey, brie and fig sandwich. After much scanning and weighing the options between a lighter meal or my go-to choice of a Benedict, I opted for something out of my usual—a breakfast sandwich.

Okay, so the fact that half of their breakfast sandwiches were hugged by homemade sweet potato biscuits might have had something to do with my decision making. I went with the Green Eggs & Ham with a side of roasted potato hash and bacon ($8.99).

back bay gourmet green eggs and ham

The sweet potato biscuit was pillowy, sweet and a little crumbly, best to be eaten with a fork and knife. Beneath the top biscuit lies a punchy herbed cream cheese, not too rich but softened with the herbs. Next were salty, thin slices of Edwards’ country ham teetering over the fried egg. And where does the ‘green’ come in, you ask? Oftentimes fried green tomatoes can seem less fried and more like mush with an over-breaded crust. Theirs had a perfect crunchy consistency, wasn’t heavily breaded, but right beneath the thin crust of breading was a juicy, crisp green tomato.

Breakfast sandwiches don’t receive as much recognition as they should. Sure, it’s comforting to have the traditional bacon, egg and cheese combination. But after brunch with Back Bay Gourmet I can attest their breakfast sandwiches are certainly worth celebrating.

back bay gourmet green eggs and ham

Back Bay Gourmet is located at 2277 Upton Dr #714 in Virginia Beach. Brunch goes down every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Visit their website to view the full brunch menu.


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