Food Item Review: Sober Dough

Bread just gets me (see here, here and here). But do I always have the time to prepare it? No. Do I always have yeast in the cupboard or the laundry list of ingredients to accompany such a recipe? Of course, not.

What if I told you that you don’t need yeast, hours or an armful of ingredients to have fresh baked bread right at home? In my visit to St. Paul’s Downtown Farm Market last month, I picked up more than just May peas and French macarons. The sweet market lady suggested I try this easy-peasy bread mix. I picked up a sack of SoberDough, which is essentially bread in a bag that requires no more ingredients than the mix included and a 12-ounce beer.

SoberDough is a mother and son-owned, small-batch brew bread company based out of Nashville, Tennessee. What started as a business project turned into a passion for allowing others to make this “brag-worthy bread” at home. From the classic honey wheat to a spicy green chile cheddar, I went for the roasted garlic and never looked back.

sober dough beer

You preheat the oven to 350, grease a loaf pan, combine dry mixture and a 12-ounce beer in a large bowl (I used Norfolk Canyon Pale Ale by O’Connor), pour the mixture into the loaf pan and ta-da! After 45 minutes in the oven, you’ve met your fresh baked bread craving in under an hour.

sober dough norfolk canyon pale ale o'connor

sober dough beer

sober dough pouring beer sober dough mixing with beer

Simply, this bread was divine. It tasted like it took hours of rising and kneading and secret ingredients, when really it took a bag and a brew. Incredibly pillowy, extra garlicky and nice and crispy when toasted the next morning—this is a bread I can get behind.

sober dough with beer

So I think the lesson here is: listen to the advice of your local farmer’s market. They always know best.

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