5-Minute Watermelon Mojito

Now, watermelons and I have a conflicting relationship. I do this thing—and I’m sure you do, too—where I become enamored of the lovely melons lined up. They’re not too expensive, and the yield is aplenty. So, clearly this is a sound purchase to make. Then it sits on your counter for a few days. A week goes by, and you start wondering why on earth you purchased this monstrosity.

Sure you could make a fruit salad, blend it with coconut water to make a tasty juice, or just sprinkle some salt on a slice, if you’re like my grandpa. Strange, I know. But the salty-sweet thing works. Then I got to thinking. What drink emulates summer more than a watermelon mojito?

Mojitos alone are wonderfully simple, no-fuss and can be made in a jiffy. The good thing about this recipe is that these ingredients are inexpensive and don’t require a mixologist’s “particular set of skills” (Oh, how I love referencing Taken), which is indeed a very respectable set of skills.

Mix these up at your next cookout, or put your guests to work, and set out a bar with all the fixin’s. This mojito is certainly a little on the denser side, but if that’s bothersome for you, just throw it in a blender and you’ll be smooth sailing.

watermelon mojito recipe

Watermelon Mojito

Total Time: 5 minutes

Yield: One watermelon mojito

watermelon mojito


about 1 cup watermelon, diced

2 tbsp. sugar

6 mint leaves

juice from ½ lime

2 oz. white rum

splash club soda

watermelon mojito

watermelon mojito recipe


In a glass, muddle the watermelon, sugar, mint leaves and lime juice together. This can take a minute or two to finely muddle the watermelon down. Add a few ice cubes, the rum and a splash of club soda on top. Stir and enjoy.

watermelon mojito recipe

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