The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Bumbleberry Pie

Bumbleberry Pie from Jamestown Pie Company

Anne Leonard

The blue-hued mountains of Charlottesville curtained a blissful weekend of wine tasting and much splurging and indulging. On our way back home to the beach, my husband and I took a quick stop at the Williamsburg Premium Outlets. Famished after a little shopping, we had to refuel before heading back on the road. Our first wedding anniversary weekend was coming to a close, and we thought it best suited the weekend to indulge one last time with a pie from Jamestown Pie Company.

Located in Williamsburg

The small, seafoam-colored building was narrow, quaint. The pie company whips up savory deep-dish pot pies and a variety of pizzas, but I had my eye on a sweet treat. The scent of sugary bread swept the entryway, preparing me for the dessert pies.

Huge selection of pies

The woman at the front answered a phone call, allowing me to thoroughly scan the pies. She was sweet and humble, much like their pies. They don't try to overwhelm you with fancy garnishes or whipped cream. Juggling between chocolate pecan and a few other choices, we went for their bumbleberry pie: a medley of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Jamestown Pie Company Bumbleberry Pie

Because a slice just wasn't going to cut it, we went for the mini size that spanned about the length of my hand. We grabbed a couple pairs of plastic cutlery and plopped down at one of the picnic tables. The crust was flaky and lovingly weaved oh so delicately to envelop the deep indigo filling of the berries. It was polite, knowing full well not to overcrowd the pan nor overtake the berry filling. Simple and classic, the filling was crunchy from the seeds and tart with a pinch of sugar.

A family of four next to us looked like regulars fulfilling their Sunday routine. They dug into their choice of pie, the kind with marinara and heaps of cheese.

Jamestown Pie Company was the final cherry (or perhaps I should say ‘berry’) on top of our anniversary weekend. You may now know I’m a sucker for anything sweet, but life is meant to be celebrated, and I celebrate with sweet treats. A little too often than I should? That may be up for debate, but until then the only solution here is pie.

Jamestown Pie Dog Teddy

Jamestown Pie Company is located at 1804 Jamestown Road in Williamsburg, Virginia. Visit their Facebook Page for their latest pies.

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