The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Bay Local's Banging Balls

Bay Local Eatery

Anne Leonard

Eclectic beach decor was at its finest. Enamored at the bedazzled bits hung around us, vintage fishing pictures and mismatched mirrors strung about Shore Drive's newest eatery, Bay Local. My friend and I arrived at the peak of brunch, so we sat on a wooden bench anticipating their menu in which everything is made local or in house. After a smidgen of time the Sunday crowd simmered down. Locals were likely fueling from a late night on the beach, their faces lit up from the belated firework show due to Hurricane Arthur.

Once mimosa glasses clinked around me, I was sold on ordering this beloved brunch beverage. Intrigued at the addition of sorbet and clearly parched from the heat, I ordered their lemon sorbet mimosa. It was its usual fizzy self but with a dollop of tart lemon sorbet painted the palest shade of the summer sun. 

Mimosas at Bay Local

My food order teetered between a hefty meal of “Big Al” with its biscuit duo, bacon and sausage (topped with a sausage gravy), but the waiter insisted I go for my next choice: Banging Balls. For some reason I expected the Banging Balls to be something akin to hush puppies, like a densely breaded mound of crab waiting to be deep fried. But what was delivered was a lightly crusted trio of compacted tender crab meat that tasted freshly pried from the intricate crevices of a blue craba time-consuming endeavor in itself. The crab meat was juicy and warm, dusted just so with a polite layer of breading. It was more crab than crunch. A Cajun aioli spritzed across the plate amid a sprinkling of shredded cheese and bacon slivers. Without a doubt, Banging Balls lived up to Bay Local's mantra.

Bay Local's Banging Balls

Probably second to the best thing I ate this week was the single biscuit I ordered on the side. I can’t get over its perfection. It was browned on the outside and even tasted like it had a gritty, crispy outer layer, almost like sugar, but it did not lean sweet. When I asked our server why this biscuit was exceptionally delicious, he said they baked the biscuits halfway, then when ordered, they quickly throw them in the deep fryer to achieve this fresh crispness.

From sorbet mimosas to crab balls to a simple side biscuit order, Bay Local can do no wrong in my book and clearly had this local gal in mind when they brought their menu to fruition.

Bay Local in Virginia Beach Bay Local on Shore Drive

Bay Local Eatery is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit their Facebook Page for their menu and the latest updates.

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