Hair of the Dog Eatery

Sunday’s chatter and the clatter of forks battling plates filled the room—necessities to ease into the beginning of the work week. The brunch crowd was in full swing, and what better spot to refuel after a late night? Virginia Beach’s Loehmann’s Plaza is home to brunch spot Hair of the Dog, a phrase often used to describe the alcohol consumed the day after to cure a hangover. Us, we just wanted comfort food and Bloody Marys to cure our mid-morning hunger, and Hair of the Dog did the trick.

Quirky twists on Bloody Marys and mimosas spread across the menu, but on this particular overcast day, tomato juice reigned over fruit juice for this gal. I went for the Good Fella, a basil vodka-based Bloody Mary garnished with candied prosciutto, basil sprigs and the glass rim lined with oregano. The basil vodka covered up the after taste that plain vodka can leave while the scent of the oregano transported my senses to a plate of pasta. The basil and oregano team worked well for this brunch beverage. It was almost like marinara in a cup. The candied prosciutto was packed with sugar mixing up the punchiness between the spiced tomato mix and vodka.


The husband was in beer heaven. Though their beers aren’t offered on draught, their bottled beer list puts most restaurants to shame. There were unique ales, stouts, porters, hoppy ales, the fruit-infused kind and of course the usual Budweiser and Coors for the non-craft beer lovers. He went for the Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA and never looked back. This particular IPA was quite complex and bitter, but in the best way.

Before we even entered the restaurant, we waited on the outskirts of the patio seating, peering at the menu hung on a board. Ever so swiftly but distinctly, a woman leaving the restaurant brushed past us and whispered, “chicken and waffles.” There was no time to respond, but Cody’s pondering was over. His meal was so much more than “chicken and waffles”. The bacon-infused waffle was a landing pad to the lightly breaded thigh of a free-range chicken, an aspect that the restaurant prides itself in. The waffle itself was lightly moistened with a perfect pour of rich, crown syrup as well as gravy, strategic in not drenching its fluffiness. The waffle tasted like caramel, but it worked well with the bacon slivers mixed in the batter.


After my grandparents visited this past weekend, nostalgia kicked in for my Jammy’s old fashioned Southern cooking, so, instinctively, I yearned for the chicken and dumplings. It turns out the dumpling supply went kaput from the previous night, so I went with my second choice, biscuits and gravy.


They weren’t my Jammy’s biscuits and gravy, but they were equally tasty in their own way. The gravy overflowed with a wealth of celery, scallions and onions. It was creamy and peppery with sausage bits evenly sprinkled throughout. I like to think I’m a bit of a biscuit aficionado, and it’s safe to say theirs were exceptional. The three hefty biscuits reached a level of fluffiness that is hard to come by, and if that’s not enough to convince you, they’re baked with chunks of cheese. They were ideally crusted and browned on either side acting as a nice shield to prevent sogginess from the flood of gravy, which was also a good thing.

Hair of the Dog raises the bar for comfort food. They know how to do breakfast, lunch and everything in between the right way. Do your week a favor, and kick it off with a dose of comfort.


For their hours and weekly specials, check out Hair of the Dog Eatery’s Facebook Page.

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