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After 365 days of noshing, here’s a recap of The Best Things I Ate This Year.


Le Yaca’s Celery Root Soup

Truffle oil on anything typically takes the win. Though celery-based items don’t necessarily jump out at me, the server convinced me it was absolutely exquisite—and it was. It was velvety and creamy with bacon nibs sprinkled over top, and the truffle oil drizzles made it.

Le Yaca Celery Root Soup


LeGrand Kitchen’s Peaches and Cream

Closing in on peach season, I was lucky to snag this dessert. Warm, brown-buttered peaches sat atop a sweet cream with a sprinkling of candied pecans, creating the most delightful bite. Yes, I returned to enjoy this gem once more.

LeGrand Kitchen Peaches and Cream


Lubo’s Baked Prosciutto and Chèvre

Lubo served up one of the most majestic appetizers I munched this year. Swirling on the plate was a balsamic reduction surrounding roasted garlic cloves and basil to highlight a handful of prosciutto-wrapped chèvre. Spread it on the crusty baguette they provide, or dive in with a fork!

Lubo Baked Prosciutto and Chevre


The Stockpot’s Vegetable Mulligatawny

All they had to tell me was of the curry. This lovely ladle of hearty soup with Indian roots made it hard for me to share with a husband who also leans toward curry. Spiced nice with the right amount of kick among sweet potatoes, puréed lentils and basmati, I soaked up every last drop with one of their rosemary biscuits.

The Stockpot Soup Vegetable Mulligatawy


Field Guide’s Sheba Bread Pudding

It appeared to be descontructed s’mores, so it instantly won me over. Bread pudding on a menu almost always gets the pick for me, but what sets their apart from others is the monstrous toasted honey-esque marshmallow glowing over top.

Field Guide Norfolk Sheba Bread Pudding


EAT’s VA Boardwalk Cioppino with Chesapeake Bay Rockfish

As a part of Virginia Beach Restaurant Week this past year, I finally ventured to EAT with a friend. I landed on this lovely dish of rockfish basking in the most dreamy, earthy fennel broth that, frankly, I’m still dreaming of.

Eat Boardwalk Cioppino


Supper’s Strawberry and Biscuits

Sounds simple, though tastes near-perfect. Biscuits for dessert, you ask? Our waitress gushed that their pastry chef knows her biscuits, so I of course complied. Divine, chillled strawberries pillowed between homemade whipped cream and biscuits. The powdered sugar didn’t hurt.

Supper Southern Morsels Strawberry Biscuits


Thirty 7 North’s Shrimp and Grits

I’ve had my fair share of shrimp and grits this year, but nothing came close to my brunch at Thirty 7 North. The tomatillo-onion relish tossed with the lightly charred shrimp rested on a creamy dollop of grits. The dish paired nicely with their Bloody Mary bar.

Thirty 7 North Shrimp and Grits


Jamestown Pie Company’s Bumbleberry Pie

I happened to stumble upon this pie company after a visit to the Williamsburg Outlets. Craving more of a treat, I went the sweet route and honestly, the name hooked me. It was tart, yet sweet and the ideal swirling of berries in the most buttery crust. Its single serving size—cute in itself—also gave me an excuse to not share!

Jamestown Pie Company Bumbleberry Pie


Eurasia’s Sweet Corn and Maple Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches

While there was an impressing spread of food offered at our CoVa Best Of Party, I haven’t been able to shake the craving for another of Eurasia’s ice cream sandwiches. Earthy and sweet, yet salty from the maple bacon, this handheld treat was an easy pick.

Eurasia Sweet Corn and Maple Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches


My Mama’s Kitchen Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich

Goodness gracious the folks at My Mama’s Kitchen know how to barbecue! The succulent slivers of pulled pork, dangerously tender, juicy all wrapped in a peppery and spicy combination of a sauce. Simply put, it was done right.

My Mama's Kitchen Pulled Pork BBQ Sandiwch


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