The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Blue Fin's Kimchi Soup

Spicy Kimchi Soup from Blue Fin

Anne Leonard

When I’m not craving sweets or comfort food, I’m craving sushi. The husband and I headed to Hilltop Shopping Center for a quick lunch at one of our favorite spots in Virginia Beach—Blue Fin. My love for Blue Fin isn’t confined to their mile-high “special” sushi rolls or the warm family atmosphere; it extends to their stellar Korean dishes. Unlike many sushi restaurants where kitchen items are more of an afterthought, Blue Fin delivers exceptional meals across the board.

In our relationship, Cody and I have come to a mutual agreement that we will be sharers of food and essentially tag-team on our meals. We agreed to order one lunch special with two spicy tuna rolls—which includes a salad and miso soup all for about $8—with an additional order of Kimchi Soup.

Now, don't underestimate this soup. Blue Fin’s Kimchi Soup is a fiery furnace of spicy magnificence; not to mention it’s a hefty serving even for these two hungry birds. While there is an option to order this soup with seafood, sushi chef and owner Evan Cha will always convince you otherwise. "Are you sure? It tastes much better with pork. You want the pork." So we of course oblige and are never let down by his recommendations.

Laced with sizeable slivers of pickled cabbage mingling with jalapeño and tofu, the pork is what brings this dish full circle as the kimchi’s red peppers and the salty pork are in full agreement. At times, the bites might get a little overwhelming as the heat from the jalapeños start to build, but just take spoonfuls of rice with each bite to keep it at bay. It’s safe to say we had more than enough to tote home for a late afternoon snack.

Blue Fin has an impressive list of appetizers, sushi rolls, sashimi and entrées. Aside from the Kimchi Soup, I highly recommend the Bulgogi Bowl, which is a sweet beef dish served over rice with a fried egg on top, as well as the Tartar Special with fresh chunks of tuna, white tuna and salmon tossed in a spicy sauce.

Blue Fin offers lunch specials Tuesday–Saturday 11:30–3 p.m. and is open for dinner all week long. Visit their website or Facebook for more information.

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