Texas De Brazil Brazilian Steakhouse

Texas de Brazil Norfolk meatsThe holiday-induced coma has subsided, thus I could finally stomach a grandiose Brazilian dinner at the new Texas de Brazil in Norfolk, which opened in November of last year. Friends who visited the Dallas-based chain before told me I practically had to fast the afternoon prior to make room for this monumental dinner. I like to think I have a firm handle on moderation and portion control; nevertheless, I was warned.

It was a friend’s birthday, so my husband and I met with a few other couples one fateful Saturday evening for our first brush with a Brazilian steakhouse. Once we found our seats, we were directed to the salad bar. “Okay there's going to be mixed greens, some veggies and maybe fruit to counter the immense amount of meat,” I thought as I approached the glowing salad bar.

What I found was a salad lover's heaven. There were mixed greens, sure, but there was an elaborate spread of charcuterie, wedges of manchego cheese, an israeli couscous salad, olives, pickled shrimp, pineapple carpaccio, tabbouleh, and lobster bisque soup, among much more—I mean, the works. In case you're not a meat eater or are going for a lighter dinner, you can opt out of the standard option and stick to the salad bar for a decreased rate. I left the salad bar with a full plate and a heavier start to the night than I had hoped.

Texas de Brazil Salad Bar

I knew I was in for a treat if the meat was anything like the salad bar. Each eater was presented a card that read: ‘Sim, por favor’ (Yes, please) on the green side and ‘Nao, obrigado’ (No, thank you) on the red side.

Texas De Brazil Green Card Texas De Brazil Red Card

As long as green is face up, expect the waiters to usher in meat until you flip to red. About a dozen varieties of meat came practically one after another throughout dinner, so it’s important to pace yourself. There was leg of lamb, top sirloin, Brazilian sausage, bacon-wrapped chicken, pork loin varieties, filet mignon, flank steak and ribs, but my favorites had to be the filet mignon and leg of lamb.

Texas De Brazil Norfolk meat

Each cut of meat was cooked, charred and seasoned to perfection and served from giant metal skewers, sizzling, fresh from the grill. Aside from the meat, we were served plantains to cleanse our palates as well as mashed potatoes, but those went untouched at our table.

Texas De Brazil Grilled Meats

Once we finished, our server informed us she would ready the dessert presentation. The birthday girl ordered a slice of cheesecake as we serenaded her with ‘Happy Birthday’, and we each slowly slithered down our seats, stuffed and satisfied.

At $42.99/person for the regular dinner or $24.99 for the salad bar only, it's a pretty penny to pay, but for the endless cuts of meat and extensive salad bar, the value is on point.

Next week, from January 18–25, Texas de Brazil is participating in Downtown Norfolk’s Restaurant Week  with a special dinner offer set at $30 which includes meat, sides, the salad bar and dessert. 

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