Field Guide's Big Tuesday: Year of the Thai-ger

Norfolk's Field Guide offers a Big Tuesday menu each week with five-course meals served family style. Menus change each week.

Anne Leonard

The tiresome, yet blissful, mishmash of holiday parties, gift wrapping and family time have come to a close, leaving me to explore Field Guide’s most recent weekly special—Big Tuesday.

Big Tuesday is a five-course dining concept they introduced at the later part of last year which serves up experimental menu items family-style for around $20/person. In the past they’ve had a Korean Bar-B-Que theme with pork bulgogi and butter mochi as well as a 7FI5H7 Night with mackerel bruschetta and perch fritters.

Though my husband and I were in a travelling daze and wanted to settle into an evening of Breaking Bad reruns, we mustered enough energy to shimmy out of our week-long uniforms—PJ’s and gifted fuzzy socks, of course—and make it to 2014’s final Big Tuesday: Year of the Thai-ger. 2014 wasn’t actually the year of the tiger, according to the Chinese Zodiac, it was of the horse; this didn’t faze our Thai appetites.

*Please note that peanuts were a part of these dishes, but I had to omit this key ingredient due to my allergy.

Now, onto the grub:

COURSE 1: Pork Belly Satay

Field Guide Big Tuesday Menu Pork Belly Satay

The pork belly was smoky, lightly charred and extra juicy seared in a sweet sauce. Accompanying was a fresh salad of crunchy radicchio and mixed greens tied together by a red onion and cucumber relish.


COURSE 2: Coconut Chicken Soup with Crunchy Omelette

Field Guide Big Tuesday Menu Chicken Coconut Soup

Coconut soup was served with alfalfa sprouts, bamboo shoots, bok choy and enoki mushrooms. A spritz of lime juice coerced the spices out of the creamy goodness producing a heat that steadily built.

Field Guide Big Tuesday Menu Crunchy Omelet

The fritter-like omelet was fused with sliced potatoes and served with a spicy tomato-chili mayo.


COURSE 3: Green Curry Vegetables

Field Guide Big Tuesday Green Curry Vegetables

A mix of alfalfa sprouts, baby bok choy, peas, crispy tofu chunks and eggplant slivers were tossed in a green curry with a heat that kind of smacked you in the face, in the best possible way.


COURSE 4: Drunken Noodles

Field Guide Big Tuesday Drunken Noodles

Wide noodles slithered in a spicy garlic sauce with broccoli, roasted sweet tomatoes and crunchy onions on top.


COURSE 5: Tiger Rice Pudding

Field Guide Big Tuesday Tiger Rice Pudding

There were two flavors of rice pudding: coconut made with black rice was more earthy and reminded me of red bean ice cream while the mango was sweeter and laced with cardamom. Each received a nice helping of toasted coconut over top.

This week they’re kicking off the second Big Tuesday of 2015 with Nana & Pop Pop, including fried cheese pierogies, ricotta gnundi, goulash, beef stroganoff and blintz n jam. Their standard menu is always available should you opt out of the special, but with a lineup like this, how could you pass it up?

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