Sweetwater Cuisine Brunch

Sweetwaters Brunch Cuisine

We arrived sharply at 11 a.m., when the final touches were being placed on the buffet. Although we were at first unsure of the buffet style, the food was downright, done right southern home cooking. From biscuits and gravy to tomato pie, Sweetwater Cuisine’s monthly brunch is a little secret, as they are most recognized for their exceptional catering company. My husband and I can attest. We tried one catering company for our wedding—them—and were convinced after we sampled their po’ boys, shrimp and grits and sweet potato biscuits. Oh those biscuits.

Sweetwater in Virginia Beach is a place where most attendants are regulars after their Sunday mornings in church. Dapperly dressed in their Sunday best, where sweet tea is the most often ordered beverage, it’s a brunch that draws an older demographic who loves a good home-cooked meal. It felt like home—like I was gathered around the table with a dozen of my distant cousins.

Shrimp & Grits

Prepare to overeat. There were too many good things not to pass up. This list is only half of what was offered: shrimp and grits, tomato pie with a tangy, cheesy layer, carrot souffle, waldorf salad with a pureed strawberry dressing, buttermilk biscuits, country ham, wings and a bar with homemade yogurt, granola and fresh fruit.

I was in awe of the dessert table: red velvet cake, cupcakes, turnovers, banana pudding and bread pudding. A bystander noticed me dumbfounded and undecided, to which he generously recommended the bread pudding. The salty caramel, the eggy bread, the layers of more bread and caramel...this pudding was unfathomable to my palate before my afternoon at Sweetwater. Yes, an afternoon. You’ll want to set aside a couple hours to feed, let settle and feed again. The husband was out of room to indulge in a sweet treat, so I kindly nudged him to grab a plate of their banana pudding and a red velvet cupcake...for me.

banana pudding

Here are some tips to navigate this buffet:

  1. Arrive early and make a reservation. Within the first hour after opening, the quaint dining area was packed, with more people waiting. Also, the food will be fresher, so there’s no losing with showing up a few minutes before 11.
  2. Go on an empty stomach. There’s no way you can happily try every, or almost every, item on the buffet with breakfast still marinating from a couple hours prior.
  3. Come ready to induce a food coma. No matter what, you’re going to overeat. You promised yourself only one trip to the dessert table, but I promise you Sweetwater’s buffet calls for a second visit...or heckling your other half into going for you.

These accompanying pictures don’t do the food or immensity of the buffet justice. It was a bit of a challenge maneuvering around the buffet lineup at the peak of traffic. At a steep price of nearly $20, the buffet is undoubtedly worth every penny.

Visit their Facebook page for reminders of their next brunch! 

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