The Best Things I Ate in 2015

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Ah, here we are. It’s been a fantastically tasty year, and I’ve eaten my fair share from our local restaurants. But among all the eating, there are those dishes that just stand out, the ones I dream about and the ones I go back for and order over and over again. These are the best things I ate this year:

best things i ate in 2015 grilled cheese bistro fries

The Grilled Cheese Bistro’s Fries

Oh little fried rods of goodness. You don’t need ketchup, mayo or even the odd combination of the two that I still can’t comprehend. GCB does it right with their herby, punchy chimichurri sauce and shaved parmesan. Do yourself a favor and order a side of their chipotle aioli, and I can assure you sharing won’t even cross your mind. 

best things i ate in 2015 bella monte pimento cheese

Bella Monte’s Pimento Cheese

I’ve had plenty o’ pimento cheese, but nothing seems to come close to Bella Monte’s. Rich and peppery with the perfect ratio of pimento bits to shredded cheese, this one slathers nicely and pairs particularly well with their homemade crackers.

best things i ate in 2015 blackberry thyme hand pies

Blackberry Thyme Hand Pies

While this is my own recipe, I’m not ashamed to say that these are my favorite things I’ve made all year! These handheld cuties gush with freshly picked blackberries and the slightest hint of thyme and lemon. Even the crust is quite heavenly, almost like a buttery shortbread cookie. 

best things i ate in 2015 commune sourdough croissants

Commune’s Sourdough Croissants

Attention lovers of bread: You must try this sourdough croissant. In a perfect world where my two breads of choice combine, Commune crafts these fluffy, golden spiraled beauties and serves them with their homemade jam. 

best things i ate in 2015 hearth funghi pizza

Hearth’s Funghi Pizza

I’ll be honest; narrowing down my favorite pizza is no easy feat. Let’s just say pizza and I get along all too well. But Hearth’s dreamy dollops of ricotta atop their dangerously chewy, slightly charred crust among wild mushrooms and truffle oil make this decision a little easier. 

best things i ate in 2015 the stockpot oyster chowder

The Stockpot’s Oyster Chowder

I’ve tried many of The Stockpot’s soups, but the one I can’t get off the brain is their oyster chowder. Everything works gloriously here: the meaty oysters, creamy broth and lardons marry together for one seriously memorable soup.

best things i ate in 2015 le mu eats grilled corn custard pie

Le Mu Eats’ Grilled Corn Custard Pie

I’m a sucker for getting my veggies in, which is why I was gung-ho on ordering this pie laden with toasted coconut and—yes, you read that correctly—grilled corn! The sweet corn combines with this feathery custard before it makes its home in this undeniably flaky crust. 

best things i ate in 2015 saint germain mushroom royale

Saint Germain’s Mushroom Royale

Yes, again with the mushrooms. Sorry ‘bout it! If mushrooms are your thing, I mean really your thing, then it's in your best interest to order this dish with oyster, shimegi and black forest mushrooms bathing in a sweet fromage triple creme cheese sauce. 

best things i ate in 2015 peter chang scallion pancakes

Peter Chang’s Scallion Pancakes

You haven’t lived until you’ve gotten your paws on these balloon-esque appetizers. Delivered like a pair of doughy beach balls, carefully deflate with your chopsticks and tear off pieces to dip into their curry sauce. 

best things i ate in 2015 field guide rice pudding

Field Guide’s Rice Pudding

Now, I’m going to forewarn you that this isn’t on their regular menu. During their Big Tuesday series, the Thai-themed, family-style dinner ended on a sweet note, and I’m talking about their pudding. Half was made with an earthy black rice and the other was flavored with mango and cardamom. 

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