Play With Your Food: Holiday Table Decor

Do not play with your food.

Ah, the age-old saying that we’ve all heard as a wee one. Something you don’t hear as a kid is that when you grow up, rules are meant to be broken. In this case, I’m talking about playing with your food to create the most lovely, vibrant and unexpected tablescapes. 

Now that we’re in the thick of the holiday season, I’m thinking about my table arrangements. It doesn’t take a creative whiz to style a spectacular tablescape. And you don’t have to have a grand, 10-foot-long table to make a statement. Though my home still holds a smaller, round table for four, that doesn’t mean I can’t add a little pizzazz to flaunt this festive season. I’ll be grabbing some produce from my kitchen and looking to these for inspiration:

cova bay bites pomegranate holiday table

Bring on the poms!
Combined with cascading grapes, a bowl of pomegranates does a table good! Add touches of gold and the occasional tangerine, and you have an easy holiday-ready table. {Photo from HouseBeautiful.}

cova bay bites holiday table with persimmons

Persimmons, nuts and olives, oh my!
This table uses an impressive and nontraditional combination of color, food and the whimsical scattering of almonds, which inspires a little thing I call “messy chic.” {Photo from Apartment34.} 

cova bay bites holiday table herb napkin holders

Gettin’ herb-y with it
How clever and crafty are these DIY napkin holders? The combination of different herbs offer a unique and pleasantly aromatic addition to the table that’s simply darling. {Photo from Food52.}

cova bay bites artichokes and pears holiday table

A little green, a lotta chic
This part pear, part artichoke and part eucalyptus table setting make for an ethereal all-green centerpiece that’ll surely make your guests hungry. {Photo from Sarah Sherman Samuel.}  

cova bay bites festive holiday table

Wild and festive
Not only is this a spectacular centerpiece, this fruity garland-esque arrangement unfolds into one bountiful feast. {Photo from The Jungalow.}

cova bay bites sparkling cranberries

A touch of sparkle
Have you seen these sparkling cranberries? Arrange these gems in a variety of bowls to stand as an elegant adornment that also happens to be an indulgent snack. {Photo from Bay Bites.}

Here's the recipe for Sparkling Cranberries.

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