Coastal Virginia's Local Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

Coastal Virginia Magazine Local Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season for foodie-giving! You know that friend or family member in your life who is always ready to try the newest, outlandish food invention or the one who must have dessert no matter how stuffed they are? Or perhaps there’s the foodie who looks for the spiciest thing out there and accepts the challenge. Regardless of the type of foodies you know, here’s a list of food-ish flare that your pal or loved one (and their bellies) will truly be thankful for in this holiday season.

1. The Adventurous Foodie: A bottle of fermented tea, or kombucha, from Kombuchick is exactly what your quirky foodie friend’s taste buds are yearning for. They’ll be well-pleased with a bottle of their Chai Stout or Toasted Apple.

Kombuchick Holiday Gift Ideas Foodie

2. The Savory Foodie: What’s better than snack food? Better yet, why not grab your savory foodie friend a can of Smithfield Peanuts? Their Holiday Tin includes 2 pounds of Home Style Peanuts, Butter Toffee Peanuts and Chocolate Covered Peanuts.

Foodie Holiday Gift Ideas Smithfield Peanuts

3. The Caffeinated Foodie: Your coffee connoisseur friend will thank you for a growler of Three Ships Coffee Roasters cold brewed coffee made with only high quality beans and keen attention to detail during the brewing process.

Three Ships Coffee Foodie Gift Ideas

Learn more about Three Ships Coffee here.

4. The Sweet Tooth Foodie: Do your sweet-toothed foodie friend a favor and buy heaps of the goat cheese truffles from Shady Goat Farm. Right now they have their seasonal peppermint-infused goat cheese covered in either dark chocolate or white chocolate. I can attest they are heavenly.

Foodie Gift Ideas Shady Goat Truffles

If your sweet tooth foodie friend loves jam, which I’m sure they do, Fresh Batch Jams is a must. Think Strawberry Champagne, Aloha (a pineapple jam) and Raspberry Zinfandel. Perhaps pair a jar with the suggestion for the Carb-Lovin’ Foodie.

Foodie Gift Ideas Fresh Batch Jams

A batch of homemade pies from Jamestown Pie Company will do as well. Okay, I’m sure you can tell what kind of foodie I am by now. I’m a fan of their Bumbleberry Pie.

Foodie Gift Ideas Jamestown Pie Company

5. The Brave Foodie: For the foodie in your life looking for an extra kick, Speedys Hot Sauce is certainly noteworthy. Sauce your poultry or sprinkle some on your popcorn, like my husband often does. Their #45 Honey Habanero Sauce is particularly popular in our household.

Foodie Gift Guide Ideas Speedy's Hot Sauce

6. The Carb-lovin’ Foodie: Just fill a basket with the turnovers, baguettes, loaves/whatever they have over at The Bakehouse at Chelsea. Also, I love the freshly baked, heavenly, yeast rolls by Whole-ly Rollers.

Bakehouse at Chelsea Foodie Gift Ideas

Learn more about The Bakehouse here.

7. The All Lovin’ Food Foodie: Sign em’ up for a Spring/Summer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program at one of our local farms for weekly baskets of seasonal produce and other goodies depending on the farm. Check out: Mattawoman Creek Farms, Skipper Farms, New Earth Farm, Cullipher Farm Market, Five Points Community Farm Market or Grassfield Farms.

CSA Program Gift Ideas local foodie guide

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