Coastal Virginia's 2014 Food Venture Roundup

Coastal Virginia 2014 Food Venture Roundup

Let’s face it; too many exceptionally tasty food ventures kicked off this year, including restaurants, brewpubs, pop-ups and food trucks, and it can be easy to lose track of all the deliciousness that’s blossomed in Coastal Virginia. Luckily, I’ve visited—and tasted—most of them for you, so here’s a guide to a few of our most loved food ventures of the year:

Supper Southern Morsels

319 West 21st Street, Norfolk

Supper serves up comfort food in the backdrop of an upscale bar pouring classic southern libations. Head upstairs to a second bar with a beautiful rooftop deck and dine beneath the moonlit sky. Make sure to order extra biscuits and a side of their macaroni and cheese served in a mini cast-iron skillet.

supper southern morsels ghent norfolk coastal virginia magazine


Commune Crepes

Pop-up, soon-to-be café in Virginia Beach

Crepes aren’t just for those with sweet tooths. Commune stuffs theirs with savory ingredients—like creamy peppercorn chevre and pesto—but most importantly their use of local ingredients nod to promoting sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint one crepe at a time.

Commune Crepes Coastal Virginia Magazine


Field Guide

429 Granby Street, Norfolk

With a stellar opening of their first restaurant just months before, the owners of Handsome Biscuit hit Norfolk’s Granby Street with the likes of Field Guide at the end of 2013, serving heftier portions and crafty concoctions. Their grub can only be described as eclectic deliciousness with items like root beer-braised chuck roast.

Field Guide Norfolk Coastal Virginia Magazine


Hashi Food Truck

Food truck, Visit their Twitter to find their next location

Asian fusion eats is what you’ll find out of the windows of Hashi Food Truck. The mobile kitchen is constantly producing new menu items, but I can attest their hash bowls will put your traditional breakfast to shame.

Hashi Food Truck Coastal Virginia Magazine


Kappo Nara Ramen

2000 Colonial Avenue, Norfolk

Finally, a ramen-focused restaurant! You’ll find an assortment of appetizers like gyoza and shumai, but a bowl of ramen is a full-fledged meal on its own. Their Spicy Miso is truly divine; chock-full of bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, the rich, fiery broth houses the chewy noodles.

Kappo Nara Ramen


LeGrand Kitchen

4515 Colley Avenue, Norfolk

Sit a little more cozily to your neighbor at LeGrand Kitchen as the chefs whip up innovative meals like Creamed Vegetables with edible flowers and some of the most amazing burgers you’ve ever tasted. Whatever you do, always get dessert.

Legrand Kitchen Norfolk creamed vegetables Coastal Virginia Magazine


Metropolitan Oyster Exchange

972 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach

Get your oysters here! Though I didn’t get to taste their oysters on my first visit, I have since returned to do so. Their oyster varieties hail from the Eastern Shore and their delicious accompaniments aren’t half bad either, namely their fries with sesame mayo.

Metropolitan Oyster Exchange Coastal Virginia Magazine


Pendulum Fine Meats

820 Shirley Avenue, Norfolk

Grab a pound of anything from charcuterie to gourmet sausages or order one of their hearty sandwiches. Using locally-sourced, free-range meat, you can rest assured you are supporting your farming community.

Pendulum Fine Meats Norfolk Coastal Virginia Magazine


Pleasure House Brewing Company

3025 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach

Ever tried a s’mores beer or a brew closely resembling baked peach oatmeal? The brewers on Shore Drive have something new up their sleeves every week! Their taps rotate on a weekly basis, and they even make experimental small batches, better known as their Fleeting Pleasures.

Pleasure House Brewing Company Coastal virginia Magazine


The Bakehouse at Chelsea

1233 West Olney Road, Norfolk

Bakehouse can do no wrong. Their crusty rustic campagna, chocolate croissants, pear turnovers and arugula-salami pizza are a few favorites. New items are baked fresh every morning, so make sure to go early before they run out!

The Bakehouse at Chelsea Norfolk Coastal Virginia Magazine


The Stockpot

Pop-up, Visit their Facebook to find their next location

Simply put, they do soups. Find them at Old Beach Farmer’s Market, soups served out of Roast Rider Coffee + Tea, or catering events, the owners of The Stockpot ladle everything from kale and sausage soup to rockfish chowder. They also make a mean rosemary biscuit.

Stockpot Soups Coastal Virginia Magazine old beach farmers market



Pop-up, Visit their website to find their next location

Just when I didn’t think waffles could get any more magnificent, I met the sugar-studded liege waffles. The chefs at this beloved pop-up have mastered both sweet and savory realms crafting those with corned beef and ruby kraut to the lemon-creamed and coconut waffle. Their monthly brunch at The Birch is a must.

Waffletina pop up brunch the birch norfolk coastal virginia magazine


Bay Local

2917 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach

You won’t leave hungry after brunch at Bay Local. While you’ll find traditional brunch items like pancakes, waffles and shrimp and grits, leave it to Bay Local to elevate your plate with one more drizzle of hollandaise or piled high with bacon bits. Their crab-stuffed Banging Balls are a must.

Bay Local Banging Balls Coastal Virginia Magazine Virginia Beach

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