Terrapin's Fried Chicken and Pinot Noir Deal

Peanut butter and jelly, ranch and...everything. There's a new duo in town, and though it might be unexpected, maybe even seemingly unlikely, it’s downright genius. Allow me to introduce you to fried chicken and Pinot Noir!

Every Wednesday evening Terrapin does it right. Take a seat at their bar or on the breezy, rosemary planter-lined Terrace to get this $22 steal.

It’s simple, really. Your plate arrives with a batch of beautifully fried Ashley Farms chicken. The chicken’s tender and juicy, cooked to sheer perfection—crispy, yet crunchy with a peppery breading. When the husband and I dined with them, they provided Kenwood Vineyards’ Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley. A red rich in dark fruit and spice, it was the perfect complement to the chicken.

But wait. There’s more. The plate is chock-full of mouth-watering goodies. Their truffle mac and cheese was savory and luscious with melting cheesy goodness twisting with the swirly cavatappi noodles.

Not only do you get their truffle mac and cheese, a glass of wine and practically half a chicken; the meal is made complete with a seasonal vegetable. On our visit what appeared as sautéed squash was actually a cucumber salad made with Indian cucumbers. Dressed with a little vinegar and red onion, the sprinkle of the red pepper flakes added a nice spicy kick. It was a refreshing, light departure from the heavier half of the meal.

terrapin fried chicken and pinot noir

Though appetizers are separate from the deal, I couldn’t resist the Peaches and Burrata. When it’s peach season, I make sure to take advantage of every peachy opportunity I’m presented with. Paired with salted, creamy burrata, balsamic vinegar, figs—another summer treat—over a bed of mixed greens, I was in heaven.

terrapin peaches and burrata

So, do yourself a favor, cancel your Wednesday evening dinner plans, and come to Terrapin with a big appetite.

Terrapin is located at 3102 Holly Road in Virginia Beach. On Wednesday they are open 5 p.m.–9:30 p.m.

My first run-in with Terrapin was with dessert, of course. Read about their bodacious Strawberry Shortcake here.

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