The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake

La Bella Italia

It’s not often that I fancy cakes. I find them to be a repetitive dance of distaste—too dry and too sweet for my liking. Maybe I’m eating the wrong cakes. Sometimes they’re just too much of a bad mouthful that I regret taking a huge slice at a birthday party, knowing I’d now have to finish it before I offend a friend’s mother (or quietly dispose of it while nobody is looking). Which leads me to why I’ve always eaten ice cream cakes on my birthday—everything from Dairy Queen to Carvel to my grandmother’s homemade ice cream cake with its crumbled Oreo cookie bottom. Then, that fateful day arrived when I decided to try the lemon berry mascarpone cake from on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach.

I’ve been to La Bella Italia previously, and yes, I have eaten this dessert once or twice before, but there’s nothing like a slice of wonderful at the end of a long work day. I’ve also sampled theirpizza , cannolis , biscottis and homemade hot sausages. But I can never leave without a slice of cake to enjoy presently, later at home or in the car while the husband drives during my meal’s grand finale.

Chewing is almost not required. It’s safe to say this cake melts with every bite. Though it’s crumbly, each bite is pudding-like. The lemony mascarpone is airy, dissolving quickly enough that you’re all ready to shovel another bite right in careful to save its tart perfection. The creamy consistency reminds me of a slightly melted cheesecake,rich and dense, which contributes its pudding-ness. And yet, the cake lying on either side of the mascarpone is light and fluffy that I could finish it all in one sitting without going home with a stomachache. The surface of the cake is firmer, holding all the fluffy goodness beneath. Its crumble-textured surface is covered in confectioner’s sugar. To top it off, there are blueberries throughout with cherries nonchalantly dispersed. Bold purple hues of the baked blueberries are revealed, decorating this decadent dessert. It’s a refreshing treat, for sure, that it almost feels okay to eat in the morning alongside your first cup of coffee.

Whenever I need a slice of cake that meets perfect cake standards, I come to La Bella Italia, ready to have the best thing I’ve eaten all week.

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