How to Eat an Oyster 101

While we love a good decadent Oysters Rockefeller, golden fried oyster po’ boy or rich oyster stew, we really love them raw. It’s only then that you’ll get a full appreciation for the nuance of flavors in that tiny little bivalve.

Here’s how to be a Virginia oyster expert, in five easy steps:

1.  Hold the oyster cup to your lips, and let the oyster and its liquor slide into your mouth.

2.  Don’t just slurp it down—you’ll miss the flavor profile that way.

3. Chew a bit. Hold it in your mouth; start to become aware of the flavors. Chew a bit more.

4. Look for notes of butter, cream, minerals, salt, sweet. Notice how long the flavor lingers on the tongue.

5. Repeat, at least a dozen times. 

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