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Hip Innovative Studio Boutique Offers a Creative Space for Local Artists

5 Best Bike Paths in Coastal Virginia

Spirit Cruises Debuts Virginia Elite

The Creative Wedge: An Artisan Market in Virginia Beach

Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival

Your Better Beach

The Village Blacksmith

Bella Tu Boutique

So, What's Your Story?

Story Exchange writing prompts such as these may be used or not be used by the storytellers: “A time you lost something or someone you loved;” “A time when you had to be a good friend or someone was good to you;” “A time when you made a (difficult/fun/challenging/enlightening) decision and how it changed your life.”

Step Into Serendip

Tucked into a courtyard-style cluster of boutiques in The Palace Shops between 21st and 22nd Streets in Norfolk’s Ghent, the new incarnation of Serendip is splendid.
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