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Restaurants at Norfolk's Waterside District

Battle of the Brussels Sprouts

Restaurants at Hilton Norfolk The Main

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Coastal Virginia

2017 Dish Of Coastal Virginia

10 To Taste: New Restaurants In Coastal Virginia

All Juiced Up: Local Options for Liquid Sustenance

Quitting Cold Turkey

Do we as a society truly enjoy eating turkey? Or do we spend countless hours preparing it for one meal a year simply because it’s tradition?

Beers Of A Feather

On their Sept. 3 opening date, they had more than 2,000 people come through the door, despite the fact that Tropical Strom Hermine was drenching Coastal Virginia at the time.

One Special Spud: The Hayman Sweet Potato

Tradition says it gets its name from a sea captain who brought it here after returning from some faraway journey. Just where he obtained the potato in the first place has been lost over time. And indeed the Hayman was almost lost over time altogether. Original seed remains hard to find, but there are still crops planted here and, as far as we know, here and nowhere else in the world.
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