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12 Ways to Give from Coastal Virginia Magazine

Top Orthodontist 2016

One of the things that sets Klar Voorhees Orthodontics, P.C. apart from the rest is they are on the cutting edge when it comes to utilizing the latest technology in their treatment planning and modalities.

A Bus Ride to Remember

Since its inception, the Virginia hub has taken just over 1,300 veterans to see the memorials in Washington, D.C., dedicated in their honor. The organization makes the commemorative trip twice a year­—once in the spring, once in the fall.

Organizations That Inspire

In its fifth year of recognizing local nonprofits, Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Giving Back Awards highlight the often-unrecognized organizations of individuals who have come together under one mission—one goal—to change our community for the better.

Jumping For GIs

Six years after the attacks on the World Trade Center, Jason Redman, a Navy SEAL, was deployed to Iraq. Though he had already completed a couple of wartime deployments, he said being seriously wounded was never something he considered—until it happened.

Selfless Service

It is a splendid autumn afternoon, but Rebecca Eshbach knows that she could be summoned to leave the Sunday sunshine and rush to the hospital at any moment. She has been on call all weekend, but she’s neither a doctor nor a nurse. Instead, Eshbach volunteers to take on at least two, 12-hour shifts per month as part of her role as a victim advocate for The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors.
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