10 Tips for Decorating Your Coastal Virginia Home

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Follow interior designer Sharon Wilson’s cues for achieving the perfect balance of seaside elegance and coastal casual livability that represents the best of both traditional and contemporary worlds:

  1. Opt for compatible pieces of furniture in both dark and light finishes instead of matching “sets.”
  2. Look for dark stained furniture with a weathered or distressed finish.
  3. Choose traditional wood furniture but with cleaner, bolder lines and chunkier profiles. 
  4. Seek out contemporary furniture profiles, but with traditional upholstery.
  5. Conversely, select furnishings with traditional bones but with contemporary upholstery.
  6. Choose fabric and wall-coverings that are based on traditional patterns, but with bolder geometry and more contemporary color palettes.
  7. Consider natural, organic, or casual fabrics and wall coverings with a slight metallic sheen.
  8. Add subtle sparkle to a room using reflective surfaces and transparent materials: consider ornate silver and crystal to lend formality to a more casual room and more simple metals and glass to relax a fairly formal room.
  9. Pick colors, materials, and textures that evoke a coastal habitat without caricaturizing it.
  10. Finally, create a “wow factor” in each room: make waves without making a lot of “noise.”

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