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Aside from the variety of houses, he pointed out something else that separates the Outer Banks from other tourist destinations on the East Coast.

“Because of a building moratorium, nothing can be built more than four-stories high,” Soles said. So there won’t be any high-rises to block the sun and hog the beach.
Speaking of the beach, it isn’t just for summer anymore. Many homes are occupied during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

“Plus there are special events, like Valentine getaways, Taste of the Beach, Bike Week and marathons, that attract visitors. Fall continues to grow in popularity because the beaches are quieter, restaurants and shops are open, and the weather is still typically warm. It’s become a favorite time of year for Outer Banks’ veterans,” Pack said.

The Outer Banks is one of those rare places where you can spend a few days without spending a small fortune. So, instead of imagining your escape the next time life gets to you, make plans to get to the Outer Banks.  The bottom line is that you shouldn’t get so caught up in earning a living that you forget how to live.

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