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In Outer Banks vacation rentals!

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“We have guests who have been coming to us for years, so we know their stories and their families. I have a lady I’m working with now who is in her 80s and has been coming to the Outer Banks for 52 years. She started with us when our company was founded 46 years ago,” said Herman. “I have other families that I helped when I was hired 10 years ago. They call me year after year because I was that first person they talked to. They come back because they know we take care of them. They feel connected.”

Pack has found that vacation homes provide a setting for families to reconnect with each other, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“I think it’s called ‘togethering,’” Casper said. “It means having the space to get the whole family together in one place with all the amenities anyone could possibly want. It’s an advantage that we have over hotels.”

Even outdoors, these homes are designed to invite socialization and relaxation with their abundance of colorful beach chairs, porch swings and hammocks.

Take-out meals take on a new meaning. At the drop of a wind sock, dinner or drinks can be served from a screened-in porch, covered deck, gazebo, outdoor kitchen or fire-pit grill.  
Over time, a personal connection also develops between buyers, vacationers and the folks who help them rent and purchase these magnificent homes. Company staff almost become an extended family as a sense of place and a feeling of belonging bind them together.
“Our guests tell us how caring and kind our staff is. We pay attention to detail and give guests a relaxing vacation experience,” said Pack.

Seeking that same experience are baby boomers and retirees who are purchasing second- and primary-homes on the Outer Banks, Soles said, adding that sales are up for waterfront properties that accommodate their 50-foot boats.

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