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In Outer Banks vacation rentals!

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 Wi-fi is mandatory, and homes that offer theater rooms with surround-sound, dual gourmet kitchens with double appliances, and a pool with a cabana are in big demand.

“Putting greens, cool fireplaces, big-screen TVs and beach access are popular; but, whether buying or renting a beach house, it’s still about location, location, location,” Pack said.

Billy Casper, vice president of property management for Corolla Classic Vacations, added, “If they can afford it, people want to be as close to the ocean as they can. Next, it’s the amenities, price and value. Guests look for amenities they don’t have at home because, when they go on vacation, they want to be more pampered.”

This is especially true of guests who stay in event homes.

“We have several homes in Corolla that are 20-plus bedrooms set up for weddings and events. They are loaded with upgrades and even have separate event halls,” Casper said.
According to Jim Soles, broker and owner of Soles Realty OBX, the Outer Banks is the second largest wedding-event destination in the United States, right behind Las Vegas.
Regardless of what brings them here, Casper said that many guests admit they love their beach houses. That isn’t surprising since the word “amenity” comes from the Latin root amoenus, akin to amore, “to love.”  

But before a home can be rented to guests, it must first be bought or built. Sales and new construction are both up.

“Property has appreciated, so the numbers now allow buyers to purchase an investment home, get their mortgage paid for by renting it out, and then use it themselves when it’s not rented,” said Soles. “I have a 16-bedroom that’s not built yet and it’s booked for 17 weeks during the summer season. It already has a cash flow existing, even though it won’t be ready for rental until May 1.”

People who purchase these cash-flow investment and second-home properties understand the complexities of competing in a tourist-driven area. So they fill their homes with tantalizing amenities and place them in a management program that lures vacationers back season after season.

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