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In Outer Banks vacation rentals!

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Imagine a place where you can go that combines the best memories of summer camp with a grown-up wish list -- a place infused with a whimsical spirit that beckons you to come and play and carries you back to those carefree days of childhood.

It’s a place where the only thing that rushes is the surf and the tallest high-rise is a lighthouse; where neglected dreams are stirred alive again and waves wash the worries from your mind.

Imagine 100 miles of pristine sand, waterways, golf courses and wildlife sanctuaries that are lined with beach houses designed solely to ease the demands of everyday life.  

When you’ve finished dreaming of a place like this, start driving to it.

Cross the North Carolina-Virginia border and the Wright Memorial Bridge. Then park the car. Feel the breeze in your hair and the sand between your toes. Chase a crab. Catch a fish. Climb a dune. Smell the cedars and salt air.

Settle down. Watch hang-gliders and wind surfers. Chat with fishermen. Keep an eye out for wild horses, pelicans and dolphins. Talk to your son. Listen to your daughter. Slow down. Catch up. Welcome to the Outer Banks.

There aren’t many places like this in America. Apart from its natural beauty and rich heritage, the barrier islands have an abundance of privately-owned rental beach houses that are a key part of the area’s appeal. Visitors can find everything from a two-bedroom condo to a 20-bedroom home.

“We have something for everyone. Every person has different needs, and we spend time trying to help them find just the right place,” said Jodie Herman, marketing coordinator with Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates. “We have cozy bungalows for people who just got married and large houses for family reunions.”

Thousands of stately beach houses, nostalgic cottages, cozy bungalows and high-end condos span the beach between the four-wheel-drive area of Carova and the tip of Hatteras Island. And each one has a chemistry all its own.

Often it’s the little things, like an art display, that make it unique. Other times, it’s the practical touches, such as an elevator, that make the difference.

“Oceanfront and pet-friendly homes are popular, but sometimes it’s the cute beach-box that was just renovated that can have the most appeal, especially for smaller families,” said Stuart Pack, chief operating officer with Resort Realty.

Every year brings a new list of features that enhance the “cool” factor of these hot properties, making a lot of beach houses more like personal resorts. Alongside modern comforts are desirable amenities that indulge their owners and guests—plush theater rooms, saunas, heated swimming pools, swim-up cabanas, wine coolers,  massive patio fire pits, bowling lanes, fountains, tiki bars with fully-equipped kitchens, soaking tubs and 12-person hot tubs.

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